Mandy Lightspeed

First Impressions

The first thing you’ll see on the tour is six small images, one from each of the six latest updates. They date the content as well, letting you know right off the bat that the site is updated once a week and will be for the foreseeable future. Below that they introduce you to Mandy, a hot blonde babe who looks like she was born and raised in California. She has tanned skin and beautiful brown eyes. Her breasts are small and perky and she seems to get fully naked inside. To top it all off she likes lesbian sex.

Hot Promises

The first thing is that they update every week, as I mentioned. After that Mandy promises you uncensored videos of her being a very naughty girl, which is a little vague but still sounds pretty good. There are going to be picture galleries and videos inside, both of which will have solo and girl-girl action. The preview shots of the girl-girl stuff are amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Mandy being naughty.


The member’s area has a nice pink background that gives it a soft and sexy feel. There’s a small picture from the latest update at the top of the page and a link to the Best of Lightspeed DVD if you absolutely must have these girls on video. Below that is the content, which is what we’re all here for. The ten latest updates are listed first, followed by the ten most popular additions. If you’re a first time visitor I recommend checking out the most popular sets to acquaint yourself with what Mandy does best.

The content has been split into three categories: pictures, girlfriends and videos. The first two both feature image galleries, with the difference being how many chicks are in those galleries. Mandy has 60 solo picture galleries and the common theme they all have is a naked blonde chick. Mandy is a hot 19 year old babe and she plays that up in her galleries, often posing in sexy tank tops and t-shirts along with tiny skirts and workout shorts. However, she’s a versatile girl and she doesn’t limit herself to such a narrow band of appeal.

There’s an amazing gallery where she poses in a sexy bikini. It’s one of my favorites because her body is so well suited for a bikini and because she’s posing outdoors and the sunlight does great things for her body. There’s another where she’s working a sexy pink camisole and panty set. The lingerie looks great on her body and her smile is so bright and beautiful. In almost every gallery Mandy ends up fully nude, so you’ll be seeing plenty of her pussy.

Depending on your tastes the girlfriends galleries may actually be where you spend most of your time. Mandy has produced 77 of them so far and there is some ridiculously hot stuff to be viewed. First, she has access to the entire Lightspeed network of chicks so there are all kinds of babes to be enjoyed. Some have big tits, some have small tits, some are drop dead gorgeous and some are super cute. Many galleries feature three or four participants, which as you can imagine really turns up the heat.

The girl-girl action in the galleries would best be described as softcore, mostly because the girls never go beyond sucking each other’s tits. They do that quite a bit however, and there’s a ton of making out, which has always been my favorite part of lesbian sex galleries. There’s nothing hotter than two gorgeous girls kissing, and they have that in spades.

The average image gallery, solo or lesbian, has 50-100 images. The thumbnails are a little small but it’s not enough of a problem to inhibit your browsing experience. The full size images are perfect for those of you running at 1280x1024 and they should get the job done for people at higher resolutions. The image quality is good with no signs of lighting problems, blurriness or compositional issues. They obviously use good photographers at Lightspeed.

The greatest strength of MandyLightspeed lies in the video section. There are 38 scenes to be downloaded and each comes with a plethora of options. First they offer screen captures, which are perfect for previewing the scene. Then there are five formats you can grab the videos in: Windows Media, MPEG, QuickTime, iPod and Mobile 3g2. For the first two they’ve segmented the videos in 8-10 smaller clips for those with slow connections. These download options are rarely seen on teen babe sites and they should be commended for thinking about the welfare of their users.

The options are nice, but it’s the content in the videos that really makes them worth downloading. There are solo and lesbian scenes, with roughly 75% of them being lesbian. Once again you’ll find threesomes and foursomes thanks to the wealth of babes in the Lightspeed network. The girls aren’t shy about showing off either; these are some of the most sensual lesbian videos I’ve ever seen. The scene called Play Time features four girls on a couch. They all get naked and gently rub and touch each other, and that’s after a passionate kissing session. Other videos feature dildo play, intense making out, solo stripping and masturbation and more.

The fun doesn’t end when you’ve exhausted all that Mandy offers. Your membership also comes with access to more than 150 leased feeds. Some offer pictures, but the majority are video feeds covering a number of different topics. Examples include cheerleaders, panties, hardcore sex and lesbian sex. In addition, if you spend an extra $10 a month you’ll get access to the entire 31 site Lightspeed network.

Croco’s Opinion

I like almost everything about MandyLightspeed. She offers a substantial collection of picture galleries featuring both solo and lesbian content. Plus, she has great taste in lesbian partners; most of the girls are smoking hot. Mandy’s videos are also some of the finest on the web with the most sensual lesbian content you’ll ever see. The only complaint I have is the weekly updates. They should be doing bi-weekly. To top it all off you get free access to a slew of leased feeds, many of which have excellent content.


The design is exceedingly simple but it works. The only complaint I have is the picture galleries load 50 thumbnails per page, which is a few too many.

Pricing Policy

Pay $29.95 for one month’s access. Pay $34.95 for one month’s access to Mandy’s site and 10 others in the Lightspeed network. Pay $39.95 for one month’s access to the entire Lightspeed network.

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